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Aion exchange bm gear for ap

Different events have different ways of farming the Ă©changer ses billets de train sncf event items, but most of the time it involves just running easy dungeons.
But the ancient coin gear is good enough to la libertine marc dorcel get you in mostly everywhere.Or Primordial dailys and wonder what it is?Manastone slots, manastone 4, ancient Manastone 1, manastone.The normal enchantment stones are pretty cheap, and can be used to easily 10 your blood mark, or 15 your blood medal gear.Now, all you have to do is transfer these to your main echange ds3 through the warehouse, which will require you to get to sanctum.Basic information, battlefield items are available in three grade, which differ in quality, stats, manastones slots or enchanting level.Max 10, max 10, max 5, upgrade.
These give a large amount of stats and are basically required for pvp.
Pants 12 6,098 508.17 Gloves/shoes/shoulders 8 4,065 508.13 Redemptive / Collision Chest/shield/hat 51 25,918 508.20 Pants 38 19,311 508.18 Gloves/shoes/shoulders 25 12,705 508.20.Prices, following tables presents prices of items and AP exchange amounts.10 to 15 is a bit annoying, but depending on your funds, atleast get it.I am pretty sure 5 or above archdaeva manastones will come out well on top of the old ones for every class, but they get hella expensive.These give 100 xp gain from monsters for 1 hour and are very easy to get.1 1 comment, do Instance entry boost packs really work cross-server?No, yes, no, aP Exchange, yes, yes, yes, also eternal version of armor have slightly different appearance than fabled/heroic one.Remember that this gear will break if you fail an enchantment.2 3 comments new update question 1, what's there to do in game right now in NA servers?

Upgrade is only available for fabled items (upgrade to eternal, heroic cant be upgrade to fabled).
Grade, race, iD, name, skill level, materials, crafting Result, greater Output.
Discordant 230 116,886 508.20, strident 28,444, constant 85,333, persistent 255,999, armor, combative, chest/shield/hat 17 8,639 508.18.