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Big words to call a girl beautiful

Slow (business: giving few sales) tourner au ralenti Business has been slow lately.
Watch your body language at all times but do not overdo- neither in dressing up nor in talking.Green light (traffic signal: go) semaforo verde nm We'll never make it to the cassandra escort girl green light in time.Blinking light (indicator: flashes) lampeggiante, lampeggiatore nm luce lampeggiante nf I lampeggianti rossi sono permessi solo negli aeroporti.Slow (clock: behind) ( montre, horloge ) retarder, that clock is slow.Aidez WordReference : Posez la question dans les forums.Traductions supplémentaires slow (emotionally: slow to react) ( à réagir ) lent, his reaction to the death of his mother was slow, but eventually strong.Dazzling light (very bright light) luce abbagliante, luce accecante nf Don't miss the dazzling lights of Broadway when you're in New York.Alle ragazze piaceva per il suo atteggiamento leggero nei confronti della vita.
Elle court vite, alors que moi, je suis plutôt lent comme coureur.Can you replace it?grammaire Give me that slow knowing smile club libertin dans le 51 go silent and slow to transparent go-real-slow hair-tearingly slow He made him look slow He's a bit slow on the uptake High and mellow, slow and steady his slow blue eyes hold back and slow down.Le si è illuminato il viso quando ha saputo che suo padre stava tornando.Treat her as your greatest friend and confidant share even the most private details about yourself with libertine vk her.Poteva vedere il suo viso alla luce della candela.I must not slow down the progress of the team Suite.

Women love to be with men who can look straight into their eyes and talk without hesitating.
Il comitato ha dato il via libera per il progetto.