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Cuban prostitution documentary

I would marry someone to get out.
Around.m., young women in skimpy attire begin gathering outside the main tourist hotels, asking men if they would like to go to nightclubs, where a sex-for-cash proposition is usually made.
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In the meantime, she collects 40 to 70 a night from any tourist she can lure to a rooming house with which she has a mutually beneficial arrangement.She is knowledgeable about the disease, having learned about it through the governments anti-aids program, and she was tested twice during a stint in jail last year for prostitution.Undercover police officers work the streets and clubs, looking for prostitutes.Hermita, 28, a secretary at a school who earns about 8 a month, was trolling for tourists near the Hotel Inglaterra in Old Havana on a recent evening.But whenever money gets tight and her 12-year-old son is hungry, she puts on a red miniskirt, puts rouge on her lips and heads for El Conejito bar, a thinly disguised rendezvous point.More great documentaries 66 Comments / User Reviews, free Email Updates, please wait.
For all Havana's crumbling diane escort fontenay structures and piles of rubble, its disintegrating roads and toxin-belching jalopies, its plethora of armed policemen and sun-bleached billboards espousing their pat, revolutionary slogans, it attracts over a million pink-skinned, camera-toting, snack-munching mojito-swilling tourists each year.In Havana, the sex trade becomes obvious after sunset.Cuba stands pummeled by an unworkable socialism and a voracious consumer appetite.Society 66 Comments, nothing has changed.Officials who track aids say Cuba has done a better job than most countries at corralling the disease.A decade after an economic collapse forced thousands of young women and men into prostitution, Cuba has become something of an anomaly in Latin America: a destination for sex tourists where aids has yet to become an uncontrollable pandemic.For the most part, the women who work as prostitutes say they are looking to link up with someone who can take them out of Cuba, or provide them with a steady income.Maria, who is 36 and insisted that her last name not be published, escort asiatique var said she worried about contracting aids and forced her clients to use condoms, every time.