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Escort argentan

escort argentan

Hitler's refusal to allow his commanders freedom to give up ground, and insistence on reinforcing failure, gave the escorts toulon Allies a more complete victory than they could have hoped for, as enemy units were sucked in to the maelstrom and destroyed.
This was done while supporting the 3rd Army crossing of the Rhine.16th - Group destroys 16 tanks, damages 5 destroys 53 other armored and motorized vehicles.Bandit passed over Portsmouth area and did a diving orbit to port.Above right is a still from Blair's gun camera film showing the destruction of the Bf 109.And it convinced the German High Command - other than a few ardent Nazi generals - that total defeat was now inevitable). Tote Talbott attacks 20 Bf-109s preparing to attack his fellow pilots, shoots down 2 before he is shot down by 4 attacking planes, Talbott is later awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.Divisions were transferred from Russia and other theatres to France. History may show they saved the day.
The thing was we got to 33,000 odd feet, no 38,000 feet I think.
10th Passes to Brussells begin.
Radio announces the suicide death of Adolph Hitler.F/O Basil Brooks shot down Bf 109G-4/R-3, Werk.19th 368th Planes move to Strip #3 (A-3) at Cardonville, Normandy, France. Group destroys 10 locomotives 22nd Escort B-26s to French coast to bomb gun emplacements.22nd 9 mission for 122 sorties, including rail cuts.I was now closing to within good range of the e/a which was leading me over towns and once I nearly lost it in a thick industrial haze.