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As far as possible we avoided showing ourselves in this area by walking along the sheltered slope south of the track.
I suppose for them that sentry plodding around with a rifle was all part of the dramatic war torn scenery.
Just to see how this mammoth operation was actually to be echange panini lausanne executed would surely be an intensely interesting experience.
Late in the afternoon of the second day, there was a really savage burst landing right in amongst our positions without any warning swish; when they are so close there often is no warning.The fighting line was certainly not far away.Then one by one each transporter came forward ready for loading.I gradually discovered however that though he had once been a commercial artist and had had work accepted by Punch, he was a veteran of the Dunkirk affair and had served with a survey regiment throughout the whole war to date.What fire is in those names for.Emptying buckets through the sluices nearly overcame my resistance!We braced ourselves for the worst, feeling only slightly reassured by the protective mass of steel over the top.I must have reached the stage of my illness when lost appetite returned and suddenly I desperately needed food to make up for the past weeks during which I had eaten so little.It was situated in the hills to the north east of Florence and there were a number of large derelict houses in which we took up our quarters.
Ski Richard McWgeter (KIA 1 E/A Pole (Maciej Lipinski Sidney Pennington (KIA Clark Jennings; Jack Ilfrey (6 E/A).
But let me hasten to mention that the stationing of the battery at Tanzenberg had a serious purpose involving us in a strenuous programme of occupation duties.
The next day there was a dramatic change in the situation.Indeed the whole scene with the column of monstrous machines stretching endlessly into the darkness could have come from science fiction;The invaders from Mars, maybe.His name was often on the tongues of the sergeants and bombardiers looking for volunteers for this and that.Still we moved on and a few miles further north came to the road again.I can still see it very clearly and hear the sharp crackle of machine guns echoing down the rocky valley of the Santerno river.As we approached Udine we heard rumours that the isolated pockets of fanatical SS were still holding out in the mountains.Then with the aid of a few rollers it was quickly winched into position spanning the gap.