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Escort radar max 360 vs valentine one

However, laser sensitivity isnt a big deal in a radar detector because its essentially just a ticket notifier (if it even goes off in the first place).
The display turns gray and no arrow is shown.Arrows We gotta talk about the arrows now.Price The V1 retails for 400.It retails for 650 and you exchange information synonym can buy the Max360 here.I feel like Ive gotten a bit spoiled with this feature and dont want to use a radar detector anymore without.It applies to X, K, Ka, and Laser signals.I think this is something that a lot of people have trouble accepting.
The V1 is pretty limited compared to the 360, but if youre comfortable with phones and apps and dont mind running a phone app or two, you can get just about everything the Max360 offers in a higher performing, more refined, less expensive package.DSP 9200 BT, for 399.95.This way you can tell at a glance if its K or Ka, if its a new K band signal or a locked out K band signal, if its.7.5 you can customize it to your hearts content.The front of the matte-black housing is dominated by large red arrows that depict radar direction.Its not the only thing that matters, but it is one of the most important things and the more range we get, the more warning we get to police radar, especially in more challenging terrains or if instant on is being used.

The Max2 is a Max with bluetooth.
The nuances are somewhat different, but they share many of the same features.
Escort Live mobile app.