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Escort redline vs valentine 1

And the red LED display may not be as colorful as the Max 360's multi-color.
I live in Rhode Island and we have a lot of oral bac allemand espace et echange rough terrain.But I haven't heard much about the STi Driver.If you drive through the city, either a V1 or a Redline will be noisy.But on the road we noticed some advantages of the understated haberdashery.But now things have changed.Its ramp-up is better than the Redline's, but the Redline is more sensitive.The high-visibility LEDs are readily seen during daylight and while a photocell dims them at night, they remain visible for hundreds of feet to the rear.I used to have a v940 that worked pretty well for me in the city.There's no auto mute, no selectable band defeat or alternate user preferences, for instance.It's a remote-mount detector running the same M3 platform as the STi Driver and Redline; it also has the GPS features of the 9500ix to reduce falses in the city, plus it has unique features (switchable RDR and band segmentation) to make it perform better.The Valentine One is a familiar face and has been a contender in a dozen of our shootouts since it was introduced in 1991.
XR may seem a bit dowdy compared to the Max 360.
The front of the matte-black housing is dominated by large red arrows that depict radar direction.The Redline is a bit more sensitive especially to off-axis signals, which gives it an advantage in the rough terrain you talk of, but the V1 is more responsive to instant-on, has a rear antenna (and the arrows and the best ramp-up of any detector.With its hair trigger, we found the Valentine to be happiest on open highways where fewer radar sources help to keep it quieter.A routine task like shutting off X band, which has nearly disappeared in this country, takes about 12 seconds in an Escort and can be done while driving.It has received a few updateslaser detection in the mid-nineties, a revised circuit board in 2007 and sporadic software tweaksbut is otherwise unchanged from the original.Can anyone give me some good views on the matter?The V1 is designed to alert instantly to radar, enhancing its ability to spot sub-second signals.But I have heard that Valentine One's are very noisy in the city, and I do have to go through the city to get to the highway.