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exchange massage uk

1026 smtp AQ failed message Advanced Queuing could not process the message.
Related-recipient-address This field is used with expand, redirect, and resolve events to display other recipient e-mail addresses associated with the message.15 Origination-time Delivery time (in seconds) representing the time it takes to deliver the message.10 Report delivered A delivery receipt or an NDR was delivered to a mailbox.Get-MessageTrackingLog Sender Recipients -MessageSubject Subject of Message -Start "3/28/2011 8:00AM" -End "3/28/2011 5:00PM" FL Sender, Recipients, MessageSubject, MessageId.29 Message rerouted The message was routed to an alternative path.This is the best way to track a message.
The tracking of message subjects is controlled by the parameter in the Set-TransportServer escort kehl cmdlet for femme pour club libertin Hub Transport servers and Edge Transport servers, or in the Set-MailboxServer cmdlet for Mailbox servers.1032 smtp message scheduled to retry categorization 1033 smtp message categorized and queued for routing 1034 smtp message routed and queued for remote delivery 1035 smtp message scheduled to retry routing 1036 smtp message queued for local delivery 1037 smtp message scheduled to retry local.1027 smtp submit message to SD A message was submitted to the store driver by the MTA.Ok, now that we got this what does it mean?31 Downgrading.400 message was downgraded to 1984 format before relay.Mitglieder:12, ersteller: Ziggy.The possible values are badmail, deliver, DSN, expand, fail, poisonmessage, receive, redirect, resolve, rencontrer des profs sexy send, submit, and transfer.The value is formatted as yyyy-mm-ddhh:mm:ss.

1006 Gateway report transfer out A delivery receipt or an NDR was sent through a gateway.
By default, message subject tracking is enabled.