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Exchange partition oracle documentation

The data in the resulting subpartition consists of the combined data from the merged subpartitions.
While the table is unusable, the only operations allowed on it are echanger mon wonderbox drop table, truncate table, and alter table drop.Truncate_partition_subpart Specify truncate partition to remove all rows from partition or, if the table is composite partitioned, all rows from the subpartitions of partition.For a partitioned index-organized table: If you do not specify partition, then Oracle Database automatically allocates an overflow segment for each partition.Also, because the nested table is defined as a table of scalar values change dollar canadien en americain (REF values Oracle Database implicitly provides the column name column_value for the storage table.The status of local and global index partitions is not affected by this operation.Alter table big_table split partition big_table_2007 AT (TO_date 31-DEC-2005 23:59:59 'DD-MON-yyyy HH24:MI:SS into (partition big_table_2005, partition big_table_2007) update global indexes; alter table big_table split partition big_table_2007 AT (TO_date 31-DEC-2006 23:59:59 'DD-MON-yyyy HH24:MI:SS into (partition big_table_2006, partition big_table_2007) update global indexes; exec dbms_ther_table_stats(user, 'BIG_table cascade true.Alter_mapping_table_clauses The alter_mapping_table_clauses is valid only if table is index organized and has a mapping table.Modify_col_properties Use this clause to modify the properties of the column.Partition_level_subpartition The partition_level_subpartition clause is valid only when you are merging range-hash composite partitions.Restrictions on Dropping Table Partitions Dropping table partitions is subject to the following restrictions: You cannot drop a partition of a hash-partitioned table.If you omit both of these clauses in an alter table statement, then the existing value is unchanged.
Retention If the database is in automatic undo mode, then you can specify retention instead of pctversion to instruct Oracle Database to retain old versions of this LOB.
The value of chunk must be less than or equal to the value of next (either the default value or that specified in the storage clause).
The storage of partitioned database entities in tablespaces of different block sizes is subject to several restrictions.This clause overrides any prior setting of freelist groups.Restrictions on Splitting Table Partitions Splitting table partitions is subject to the following restrictions: You cannot specify this clause for a hash subpartition.You can update the global indexes on the table whose partition is being exchanged by using either the update_global_index_clause or the update_all_indexes_clause clause.For a composite-partitioned table, the values you specify are the default values for the table and all partitions of the table and the actual values for all subpartitions of the table, overriding any values already set for the subpartitions.Specify the physical_attributes_clause, nested_table_col_properties, parallel_clause, allocate_extent_clause, deallocate_unused_clause, or any of the index-organized table clauses.Allocate_extent_clause Use the allocate_extent_clause to explicitly allocate a new extent for the table, the partition or subpartition, the overflow data segment, the LOB data segment, or the LOB index.You can omit the datatype only if the statement also designates the column as part of the foreign key of a referential integrity constraint.Home articles misc » Here, this article presents a simple method for partitioning an existing table using the exchange partition syntax.

Oracle Database obtains the subpartitioning information from any subpartition template.