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Exchange partition oracle

Elapsed: 00:00:04.91 SQL set timing off echange de famille SQL To count the remaining rows in the PT_11G table, execute the t5sel11.sql script.
Finally I would need to rename the tables, to make the new partitioned table appear as sales.
The index is partitioned in exactly the same way as the base table.SQL REM End of file SQL In this tutorial section you learned: How to perform multipartition maintenance operations by using a single SQL command How to merge multiple partitions into one partition echange motoneige contre moto How to split a single partition into multiple partitions That merging multiple partitions.SQL SQL REM Create the intref_C1 child table SQL create table intRef_c1 2 (pkcol number not null, 3 col2 varchar2(200 4 fkcol number not null, 5 constraint site echangiste montreal pk_c1 primary KEY (pkcol 6 constraint fk_c1 foreign KEY (fkcol) 7 references intRef_p(pkcol) ON delete cascade) 8 partition.Ease of administration.This image provides a summary of the index types.To cleanup the test data for this topic, execute the t1drop.The insert statement will generate a large amount of undo and redo, which will affect the performance of the database.For example, in a table of customer transactions called trans, you can range-partition it by using the trans_DT (transaction date) column as the partition key so that a first partition holds records in which the trans_DT value is between January 1 and March 31, 2005;.
Alter table intRef_p exchange partition for (333) with table XintRef_p cascade update indexes; SQL alter table intRef_p exchange partition for (333) with table XintRef_p cascade update indexes; 2 3 Table altered.Set table preferences for C_TAB, incremental true, incremental_level tabl.Implemented triggers will not do the trick.Navigate to your working directory and execute all files from that location.Recall that list partitioning was preferred over range partitioning in this case because the product_code is a discrete value.SQL To display the index status, execute the t5orphan.