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Ford escort rs cosworth tuning parts

ford escort rs cosworth tuning parts

Bosch 803 Dark Green Fuel Injectors.
Runs a bonjour salope 17psi peak, 15psi held boost pressure on a standard T3 turbocharger.These systems can be installed from 300.With the fitment of large fuel injectors (Siemens 55lb or 83lb Blacks), a 3 Bar MAP Sensor to accurately read higher boost pressures and a stronger actuator to increase the boost pressure.For those of you with Cams or ported heads we can offer a bespoke ECU Re calibration to take you up to in excess of 400 BHP and maybe up to 500 or more, depending on your engine specifications.This package does put some extra strain on the engine and to ensure reliability we do recommend the head gasket is upgraded to a multi layer item.However, it lacks in top speed.
Escort RS Cosworth, ford, united Kingdom.0L Turbocharged I4 (Cosworth YBT) 227 bhp (169 kW) @ 6684 rpm 220 lbft (298 Nm) @ 4106 rpm.6 seconds 142 mph (229 km/h) 5-speed Manual.
The package includes the supply and fitment of: Custom Evolution Chip Siemens 55 or 83lb Black Fuel Injectors sold OUT - Contact Us to discuss alternative options A 3 bar map Sensor A -34 Actuator Full Setup Including Fuel, Boost Detonation Check Under Load.
It has the highest top speed out of any tier 4 car in the game, as it can hit 191 mph (307 km/h).280bhp* Package 395 inc.An oil breather system and up rated intercooler is essential on this package as well.Since August 22, 2012, it has been featured as a C class vehicle.This is reaching the safe limits of the standard injectors and MAP sensor.Cosworth YB RS2000 Pinto Camshaft AUX Shaft Woodruff Key.VAT Fitting This package enhances the vehicle driving experience greatly, with the same response as a standard car but a far stronger power band in the mid range.Overseas customers please read notes on contact page regarding payments.

A 3 bar map Sensor, a -31 Actuator, full Setup, including Fuel, Boost Detonation Check Under Load on the dyno.
With the three different ranges; Sport, Track and Pro, we've tried to suit every budget, from great value 2-piece, 300mm rear disc kits (starting at just 380 right up to huge 6-pot caliper kits using 378mm discs suitable for the most demanding braking situations.