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Irish girl prank call school demolition

irish girl prank call school demolition

GET away with If you do something wrong and you get away with it, you are not punished (for example because nobody knows it was you, or because the dce echange culturel pas cher laws dont punish that).
Whatever you want done.
A little Irish girl named Becky makes a prank phone call to have her school demolished.Eland, hilarious 8 year old irish girl prank call, Perfect, revenge on Telemarketers, Real Irish accent challange: Notrh side Dublin., Candid Camera.Just bear with me a second.Where- What school do you go to?Crashed, bMW, Man With, extreme, anger Problems Lashes Out at Jeremy!Really funny phone prank.(do you like it?I have a proposal for you.Hold on one wee second, please.Fill your boots (coll.) A call to action, even a challenge in this context.4, sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.
Irish) See you later.
The correct expression is ball-park figure, an expression (usually American) which means a rough estimate, an approximate number.A wrecking ball- A huge metal ball suspended at the end of a large chain and operated by a machine to destroy buildings ( see picture ).Can you give me a ball-park figure?In some contexts it may sound cheeky, like here.This expression comes from cowboy movies and it means something like, you have big man boots, show me that you are manly enough to deserve those boots and fill them.She means that he need not worry, nobody will punish him because everybody will be happy with.The one that's about to fall down.Here the girl is offering two opposite possibilities, both with the same result: blowing the building up (make it explode, so the rubble is sent up in the air) or knocking it down (knocking the walls and pillars till it crumbles and the rubble falls.Heaven-, heaven is Real, Funniest, bMW Auto complaint you'll ever hear, Calling, in Sick To Places I Don't Work At, Cork's 96FM - Man Hits Cow, Police: 4-Year-Old's 911 Call Saves Mom's Life, Little Becky sings!

Hold ON ONE second Wait a moment.
They give me extra homework on a Friday and everything.