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Names to call a girl to turn her on

Sexy man a typical he-man body and handsome face.
Magical Fairy For a girl who turns your prostitution gent environment happy.Honey Pants you just cant stay away from this one.Sugar Cube one who has a lot of courage; unyielding.Talents and abilities are a great source of cool nicknames for boys.Dear darling, sweetheart, love.Monkey Muffins Best nickname to call your gooey girlfriend.Things might get a little weird in that case.And I love it!Superstar attractive and friendly guy.
Rate this answer A female reader, steins, writes i call mine sexy, lover boi, bad boy, hot stuff, baby, cowboy, sweetie.
Tiger fiercely sensuous, sexy, handsome.Scooby one who looks like a bodybuilder, but has the heart of a kitten.Famous gorgeous Katies include, of course, Katie Holmes, as well.Flame Boy is a sexy nickname from popular TV Show friends.Calling her this way will make her feel exclusive.

Mushroom cool nickname for a guy that brings out the naughty side of you.
Rate this answer A male reader, Zanders, writes (1 September 2006 I used to like to be called Sexy or Gorgeous, Sweetie can sometimes work as well.
Bree For a gorgeous girl who is cool, smart and charming inside out.