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Slang words to call a girl

Seductive (adj) is a type of beauty that seduces you, attracts you, and tempts you.
Zed We say zzzzzzz.
Adhering to the philosophy of materialism, a theory that regards matter as constituting the universe and all its phenomena.You should also only use these terms among friends in an informal environment.Word-request slang up vote 10 down vote accepted, the word "poser" comes to mind.Trimming the hedges.This is not a nice thing to be called, because it generally means you're sleazy and untrustworthy.It will happen one day.
Bimbo A girl who is attractive because she's exceedingly obsessed with being perfectly groomed and adorned in high ford escort bj 95 ersatzteile fashion and glamorous accessories.You look good in that dress).Whispering to Venus.M/browse/aficionado an ardent devotee; fan, enthusiast.Related Jonathan is a consummate Anglophile with an obsession for Britain that borders on psychosis.So, in English speaking cultures, its not common for a woman to call a man beautiful unless she was describing a more delicate type of beauty.Sophisticated ( adj ) Having obtained worldly experience; cosmopolitan.Lets move on to another term which is bitchy.Its also important to keep in mind that a woman (especially) often compliments another womans physical beauty without romantic intentions, as a man may (to a woman).This is a word you might use to talk about a person (to objectively describe someone as good-looking) and not to a person your interested.

Up vote 4 down vote For a modern slang term, and depending on the quality / desirability / rarity of the products, she could be described as basic.