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Inside the cab, playing on the radio,.
We both have Z names.Eric'S CAR - moving - night Eric and Zed are driving through the streets of Paris in Eric's car.He steps out of the vault.What are you talking about?The bullet comes from the Calibre vault through the window and almost hits Zed.In many countries scars on the face are a symbol of heroism.I am.S.Zoey Let go of me you shit!
She sees Zed, their eyes lock.
ZED I never really thought of it like that.He makes his rencontre sexe cergy way toward the knocking.There is a small passage connecting the main vault to an adjacent vault.Anyway, it's too late.(then in English) We fucking did it!Bank - lobby - DAY Francois peeks through the venetian blinds of the windows to the outside.Somewhere crazy Raymond Scott Toy Jazz music is playing.Three other wires are also coming out.I came down to see how things were going and heard shots!Oliver runs over and peeks out the blinds.

Fade TO black: INT.
Oliver sits down next to Claude.